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This Irish movie is something you’ll either love or hate. There’s not much in between. It’s a naturalistic sort of film, with more regular people in it than actors. It won an Independent Spirit award and the soundtrack won a Grammy as well.

The characters are named Girl and Guy, to give them a sort of everyman flavor. They are musicians, but also have regular lives as well, including vacuum cleaner repair. It follows their journey, both in the average parts of their lives and as musicians.

Like more famous actors, these two did get together as a couple after being portrayed as one on film. Also like┬ámore famous actors, though, the relationship wasn’t long term.

I’m sort of undecided on this movie. I have an affection for it and especially for the music. The unplanned feeling of it, though, can really be off putting sometimes. It leads to a lot of magic, but it can make things a little bothersome. If you have an affinity for the musicians or the soundtrack, watch it. Otherwise, you might not enjoy it as much, honestly.

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