The Sitter

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The Sitter

The Sitter relies on a loosely constructed, general formula that I find to be irresistible. This formula usually includes any combination of the following: drugs, alcohol, drug dealers, police, car chases, action, and a group of laughably incapable protagonists who somehow manage to avoid the sweet release of death. And of course, the motivation for all of the madness: sex, usually. Well, The Sitter has most of these things. If you happened to enjoy Superbad or Pineapple Express, then I can almost guarantee that you will be a fan of this.

Noah Griffith (Jonah Hill) plays a college screw-up who gets wrangled into a night of babysitting for some neighborhood kids. Of course, these are not your average children. Slater is a 13-year-old closeted homosexual with more anxiety issues than Woody Allen. Blithe isn’t a day over 9 and all she can talk about is hot gossip, going to the club, and getting bottle service. And then, there is Rodrigo, our sweet El Salvadorian adoptee who loves to set things on fire, blow things up, and watch kickboxing.

Well,  a potentially hellish night of babysitting turns into a raucous adventure when Noah gets a call from his “girlfriend,” otherwise known as the girl who uses him for mind-blowing oral and cocaine delivery, and finds out that she is at a party and is willing to have sex with him if he brings the blow. So, Noah rallies the kids, buckles them up in the minivan, and hits the streets of Brooklynfor some cocaine and snatch.

While The Sitter is packed with public urination, crazed drug dealers, and a small army of bodybuilding guards, there are more than a few tender moments. Just like Franco, Rogen, and McBride bond over weed and rescue missions and weed and weed, Noah and his group of tweens also cultivate some special connections while enjoying a night of grand theft auto and more types of grand theft.

I would call this movie pretty kickass. Noah J-bird gets to fly—CawCaw!

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